#RopeArt-Workshops in Madrid Fotoaufnahme / Videodreh - Outdoor
Von 21.04.2018 Bis 30.04.2018 Madrid 28042 - Spanien
My name is Hera Delgado and I am a rope artist.

My biggest passion are ropes - #RopeArt is what I am meant to do and what I live for. I live as a digital nomad and at the moment I live in Madrid.

Most of my #StreetRopeArt is eternalized in video clips. On my website and on Instagram you can see me bind me and my girls in bars, clubs, at the amusement park or in the airplane - and as well right in the streets with a lot of people passing by.

I offer #RopeTrance-Sessions for customers and I am specialized in suspending men. You can also book a RopeArt-Workshop and learn how to tie usefully, beautifully and - most important - save!

Additionally I do an online game on Instagram especially for German customers.

Please understand that my life takes place in the real - and not the virtual - world. For this reason I am only available on WhatsApp, I guarantee to answer within 48 hours and you also get free fotos and video clips in my WhatsApp status. You can write me in english, spanish or german.

Please feel free to write me a WhatsApp to: +49 160 92714581

#Lifestyle #Bondage

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